I found my spiritual pathway in my early 30s.

One day, I suddenly began to feel different and I just wanted to spend time alone. I increasingly felt more disconnected from the physical world and at the same time more connected to Spirit and drawn inward. I was also drawn toward metaphysics. 

I began reading about the law of attraction and things started to make more sense to me - like attracts like. I was also learning about different concepts of energy within ourselves and around us - chakras, auras, etc.

I had my astrology chart done because I thought it could help me explain why I was feeling different and disconnected from the physical world. I was surprised to hear the results indicated a lot of aspects of my chart show an inclination to areas of study of the mystical, the paranormal and the subconscious mind. 

My numerology results indicated something similar… seeking knowledge and understanding related to spiritual matters. All findings were leading me to a spiritual path. 

I began seeing the world from a different perspective, through a different lenses, if you will. Finally, the pieces of the puzzle were coming together. When I started to meditate on a daily basis, I started to sense spirit and experience paranormal phenomena which continues to unfold until today.

Podcasts are one of my favorite way of learning. After many hours of podcast listening I came across an intuitive named David Groode and was drawn to have a session with him. He confirmed a lot of things for me, but I didn’t resonate with his statement that I was going to be able to see energy more and more. 

Soon after our session, however, things expanded … and so did my search for answers. I discovered a podcast called Out Of The Fog with Karen Hager, that was really helpful - I really connected with her work and guests. In 2012,  for my birthday, I decided to have a session with Karen and she also confirmed that I had a psychic gift and it was opening up. To hone my abilities I took some of Karen's psychic development classes. 

After a few months of listening to Karen's podcast, I became aware of Ellen Mahloy’s work. She’s a psychic angel communicator and a spiritual healer and I really resonated with what she's doing on many levels. I began private mentorship with Ellen in 2014 and she attuned me to Reiki with Angels - a modality that is taught by Archangel Raphael. 

After years of learning and practicing my abilities to communicate with the angelic realm, I have been guided to work with the public. I currently offer private readings by phone or Skype. I am one of Ellen Mahloy's advanced students and I assist her during workshops. 

Image credit: Jonathan Williamson Photography